Monday, August 29, 2005

On human exhibitions

A couple of interesting news items on exhibiting humans and borrowing them while you are at it (not at the same place). I am not sure what these mean other than maybe help us see a little of ourselves and others better.

  • Here is the story of the exhibit of humans at the London Zoo. They have men and women frolicking and almost au naturel. Basically, it is a reminder that we humans are primates as well, even if we like to play with board games when we get bored for example. An interesting little item. I just did a Google search for a link, and I chose the one from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but this has been picked up in various places.
  • This one is a library in Holland that is actually lending people. In an attempt to dispel stereotypes and foster better knowledge of your fellow human beings, this library in Holland is lending out people. You heard it right: people. The library has contacted people of different backgrounds to chat with people wanting to ask questions. You can take them to the cafeteria for up to an hour for a chat. Among the "items," they have some gay men, some lesbian women, and some Islamic volunteers. This particular article points out they are looking for members of the Roma gypsies. I know I don't qualify in that regard (I am a gypsy at heart, not part of the ethnic group), but if they ever need a Latino (Puerto Rican) fellow, I am their guy. Here's a link to the story.

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