Friday, October 28, 2005

Tequila Reference Sources, or Learn about Tequila

I recently discovered The Liquor Snob blog, which describes itself as "news and tips on all things alcoholic, including beer and wine, breathalyzers, cocktails and spirits; plus drink recipes, booze reviews and more. All the news that's fit to drink." They actually have reviews on books about drinking or drinks, for instance a review on On the House. They also recently posted a note about a vodka made in Texas; their review of Tito's, the Texan Vodka is here. Yes, who would have thought you could find someone making vodka in Texas of all places? They basically have all sorts of interesting things. Personally, I am a wine person myself, but I do enjoy the occasional liquor like tequila or bourbon. I also enjoy trying out new recipes and experimenting, and my better half usually is a good sport for trying a new cocktail. So we do keep a small stock at home in addition to the wines.

This time, the blog featured a very nice Tequila Tasting 101 that has all sorts of links and resources about tequila. Yes, there is more to tequila than mixing a good margarita or doing shots (nothing wrong with doing that). Some tequila is meant to be sipped and savored. Not sure what is the difference between blanco and reposado? Find out here. What is the deal with mezcal? Find out here. Does tequila have to have a worm? No, it does not. Actually, the worm comes in mezcal, and it is a marketing ploy that was born in the 1940s to impress the gringos. You can learn that through the links as well. So, if this interests readers, even if it is to get some ideas for a new margarita recipe, go take a look. And please, if you do choose to enjoy your favorite liquor or spirit, do so with some responsibility.

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