Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Visit the Carnival of the Infosciences

(cross posting from the Gypsy Librarian blog)

On the "file under public service announcements," I urge readers out there in library and information sciences (or just anyone who wants to know more about libraries and what librarians do) to visit the Carnival of the Infosciences, now in its 9th edition and hosted this week by Mr. Mark Lindner over at the thoughts are broken. The Carnival of the Infosciences is the brain child of Greg over at Open Stacks, who provides details on how to submit as well as a schedule of where the Carnival will be stopping next. The idea for this great service is to get library and information professionals to submit their blog posts "related to the myriad of topics that fall under the Library and Information Science umbrella." It is modelled and inspired by the myriad of other blog carnivals on the blogosphere. For readers who may not be sure what a carnival is, it is basically a place that gathers the best of the blogosphere on a given topic. These gatherings are usually done by a blogger, but they can also be collaborative works like the Carnival of the Infosciences where submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Often, in collaborative ones, the host (editor or moderator) will add his or her choices as well. I tend to find blog carnivals to be excellent resources to keep up on what is good in the blogosphere, to provide great examples of good writing, and to be a nice place to find ideas for my own writing. The Carnival of the Infosciences is no exception. It always features great writers, and they always provide great food for thought.

For the Carnival of the Infosciences, writers are encouraged to provide original thoughts and opinion rather than repetition or listing. So, bloggers out there, if you have a really good post that fits the Carnival's scope, or even if it is not perfect but rather a work in progress that can foster some conversations, go right ahead and submit it. In terms of submitting, the way it works you would submit your posts to the host for a given week. Details are on the links. Jane at A Wandering Eyre will be hosting the 10th edition. I understand they are looking for future hosts, so if you are a little brave and want to help continue this excellent service, go right ahead and drop Greg a line. And keep on blogging.

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