Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hmm, here is an idea: wait until the stars line up favorably

From the Eclectic Librarian, a nice idea for when you are about to snap at someone who pesters you, or when you have had enough of classes, or better yet, when you just about had it with the rudeness of some patrons. Just follow the lead of Thailand's Prime Minister, who has vowed not to speak anymore until next year because Mercury is not in a favorable position at the moment. The story itself comes from The Guardian for November 21, 2005. Actually this reminds me of a faculty member in a foreign languages department I used to work at. He was very much into astrology, and while he never took a vow of silence, he certainly worried over doing certain things on certain days if the stars were not right. I am sure he could explain to me exactly why Mercury would not be in a favorable position for the Prime Minister. I remember him because once in a while he would come "check up" on me. He knew I was a Capricorn (probably came up in casual conversation), so once in a while he would tell me to be careful of such and such on a given day. Now, before readers crack up laughing (some readers), he was very sincere, and I am sure his concern was genuine. I guess what I am trying to say was that he was moved to make sure we were ok. Hey, I need all the help I can get.

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