Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Public Service Information for Guys, or "Hey, check yourself out now and then."

I am very aware of the need for women to conduct a breast self-exam to help detect cancer early. My awareness comes in large part from being married and having a daughter; they are the women in my life. However, I don't often think about taking care of myself as often as I should, so I am using this as a reminder to other guys and myself. From Pharyngula, a reminder for guys to now and then do a testicle self-exam. Apparently 25 to 35 is a prime time for guys to develop this type of cancer. So, get some information on how to do it here along with other links for information. It should be done once a month. Ladies and significant others, you can help the guy in your life check if need be (and viceversa). Other sources for information include:
And since I mentioned breast cancer, a good public service post then would not be complete without some resources in that topic as well:
Keep in mind, these are just some selected resources, and that if you do find something, you should consult your physician. Of the resources listed above, I found the Medline pages to provide the most information in one place, well organized, and it also had some links to resources in Spanish, for our Spanish reading friends. Take care of yourselves and each other, as Jerry would say (yes, that Jerry).

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