Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tips for saving on gasoline tested

The car buyers' site, Edmonds.com, features an article on gas saving tips. The authors tested a series of common tips for saving on gas. What they found is that, for the most part, the savings are up to the drivers. This is because drivers need to change their habits, particularly if they drive aggressively. Their advice for aggressive drivers? Stop it. You can gain up to 37% in savings if you modify your habits, according to the article. The article is an easy read, and the authors also explain the method for their tests. They also debunk a couple of common tips as not useful. For instance, the idea of having your A/C on and the windows up versus the windows down and the A/C off turns out to not make a difference in savings. On the other hand, driving the speed limit does save you money, assuming you can put up with the impatient drivers and staying on the slow lane. As for me, I always let the impatient ones pass me by. Why waste all the extra fuel to beat me to the traffic light is beyond me to be honest.

A hat tip to Marylaine Block's Neat New Stuff on the Net.

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