Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hmm, so it's ergonomically correct, but can it reach Warp Nine?

This workstation, the Clipper CS-1, is "a completely self-contained and enclosed 'capsule', 4' wide, 7' long, and 4.5' high, designed specially for concentrated (and ergonomically correct) computer use." Am I the only one who thinks this looks like some kind of torpedo? Maybe put some small wings and an engine, and if an employee ticks you off, launch them out of the workplace. Now, before I get too snarky, here are the advantages, according to the website:
  • A private way of shutting out the distractions of your environment.
  • Lighting which is diffused, warm, and glowing, preventing any glare on the screen, and reducing eye fatigue.
  • A relationship between seat and computer that is at once flexible, comfortable and ergonomically correct.

Now, I have to admit, the whole idea of shutting out the distractions is very appealing. Given my shared workspace, quiet time is not always an option when other coworkers need to confer or just gab. I am not against that, but once in a while, would be nice to shut out the world to get some work done. As for the relationship with the chair, heck, compared to the chair I have, anything would be an improvement. OK, so my furniture is not exactly ergonomically correct. However, I am not sure I could do my consultations with students inside that torpedo, though if you look at the picture, it does have a nice side window. I guess I could do drive-thru service, "welcome to the Reference Office, can I answer your question?" The idea of comfort while working is very appealing, but I am not so sure about it being so enclosed.

A hat tip to IFTF's Future Now.

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