Thursday, July 27, 2006

How to fire somebody

I am not a manager, so I am not about to fire anyone. I am sure many managers do not relish the idea. So, in case I am ever in a position where I may have to fire someone, or if one of my readers out there is a manager, here is some advice from Guy Kawasaki that seems simple and well written. So, go take a look at "The Art of Firing." It features some common sense reminders like making sure you document everything, but it also reminds managers to have a look in the mirror, after all, if you hired the person, you should have hired the "right" person, "you should have set and communicated the right goals. You should have provided course corrections. Some of the 'fault' probably belongs to you." Mr. Kawasaki also has a guide to the "Art of the Layoff" for those interested.

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