Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Houston is "only" the 17th angriest city

According to a recent study by Men's Health Magazine, Houston ranks number 17 in the list of angriest cities in America. Orlando was number one. I guess the Magic Kingdom is not exactly conducive to happiness after all, huh? Actually Florida has four cities in the top ten. Maybe all those hurricanes are really pissing some people off. I am starting to wonder if some of those survey people actually ever set foot in Houston. I mean, another study found Houston was number nine when it came to road rage. I would have expected then the rank for angry to be higher for Houston. At any rate, the study was based on the following:

"Our search for evidence of urban anger began with the percentage of men with high blood pressure, from the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (as calculated by Sperling's BestPlaces). We then factored in FBI rates of aggravated assaults and Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers on workplace deaths from assaults and other violence. And because rage and the road often go hand in hand, we also included traffic-congestion data from the Texas Transportation Institute, as well as speeding citations per state from the Governors Highway Safety Association."

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