Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How about you pay more attention while you drive?

To the mofo commuter bus driver in Number 4411 at 6:00a, how about you actually pay a little more attention to the road instead of giving me grief because I have the reading light on? Apparently, your vision is worse than mine if the itty bitty bus light for passengers on your right side bothers you so much that you actually feel the need to deprive me of my reading during the commute. All fine and dandy, petty as it is, not to mention the more bright light behind you. I could have handled that, strange as it seems. However, I don't quite know where you learned to drive, but usually they teach in driving schools that you fiddle with the seat before you put the vehicle in motion. At least that is how I learned it when learning to drive a car, and I don't think driving a commercial vehicle would have an exception to that rule. What I am trying to say is you may want to actually adjust the seat to your comfort before you put the bus in motion, let alone wiggle all over the seat at 60+ mph. That way you won't be weaving the bus from side to side in the High Occupancy Lane (HOV) making me and some of the other fellow passengers wonder if you are going to hit the guardrails. At least you got me downtown in one piece. And while we are at it, if you are not fully awake, which I wondered about given your half closed eyes and overall twitchiness, they make this wonderful warm beverage called coffee. I hear tea works well for people as well. You may want to try some before you get on the driver's seat, or in lieu of that, maybe make sure you get enough sleep the night before. Thus, you might, oh, I don't know, drive a little less cranky and a little more safer?

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