Thursday, October 26, 2006

To those that would give up their liberty for some small tranquility

When I heard of the passage of the Military Commissions Act and the basic abandonment of habeas corpus, I just wondered, what else can possibly happen? I recall that old saying by Benjamin Franklin about those who give up their essential freedoms to get a little tranquility deserve neither. I usually try to stay away from politics because I tend to think there are so many people out there who can say it better than I ever could. But as time moves on, I don't know how much longer I can just stay quiet.

Recently, Keith Olbermann commented on the passage of the MCA. I missed the clip that day as it was one of the days I was working late. However, I managed to catch it later, thanks to the Internet. It was probably one of his more moving commentaries and well worth a look. The link has the transcript, but the video link was available on the site (as of this writing). As I watched the video, I kind of wonder: what exactly is it going to take before people finally wake up? Were this some other country, caudillos would already be rallying their followers to raid the capital. I am not saying anyone should start rallying followers for a raid, but for the majority of the media, who are supposed to serve as watchdogs and keep the government accountable, to simply remain silent on this, well, some of us just have to wonder. Anyways, go take a look and decide.

Hat tip to Librarian's Rant.

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