Thursday, November 09, 2006

So far on the beta

I noticed a glitch in the dates of the archive links when I moved over. Apparently, there are some bugs regarding the time zone settings. Once I managed to set it to Central Standard, where I am at, it seems to have fixed that little bug. Not essential, but it did not look nice when it had two Octobers for instance under the archive.

Also noticed that the various buttons I had added over time are gone, so I have to put them back in. However, this makes a nice opportunity to see what I would really keep, and if anything could be removed. I had the nice Blog Day widget with the countdown, but it seems the code messed up the template, so I went with the small one. Not as flashy, but it still looks nice. Overall, I do think small is nicer, at least on this template, when it comes to buttons. I will put in the subscription and listing items down the road. I can either do them manually, or wait until I get the back up file and dig them from there. We'll see. I will give this a try. I have to admit, the drag and edit features work nicely and are easy to use. I will have to upgrade the other blog in terms of template in order to get the customization I am getting here. However, I am not messing with that one until I get more comfortable here.

While I am not intending on taking these blogs private, it is nice to see that the option is there.

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