Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Now THAT is one hell of a tv set

This is a sad story of a man who died a year ago, but he was found with the tv still running. This is one of those stories we hear about the tragedy of dying alone without anyone to look after you. Don't get me wrong; I feel sorry for the man. However, I want to know what brand of television the guy had that it was still running a year later. That is one solid and durable piece of equipment if it outlasted its owner. But I also want to know the answer to other questions:

  • What was he "watching" at the time? I can see now the advertisements from the network that had the program playing at the time he was found. Gives a whole new meaning to "must watch TV."
  • How the hell did he not get his electricity cut by the company after a while? According to the article, at one point, a lady helped him pay some bills. They then had a fallout. So, did he still pay the bill? Maybe he had automatic pay from the bank and enough money in the account to keep paying the bill.
  • Who stopped the mail delivery? I can't even get the postal service to forward my mail to the right place or deliver it in a timely fashion. Since I moved to Texas, I have had to deal with all sorts of poor postal service. It is barely stable now two or so years later. I guess stopping it was easier, but is there some automatic directive the postal service follows of "the pile gets this high, we stop delivery?"
  • Was he the obnoxious type? The type no one wanted to visit, so therefore the neighbors just let him be?

So many questions. The lesson is: you want people to leave you alone, build your house "up a long driveway and [so it] could not be seen from the street." Humor aside, not a way I would want to go. Maybe the end lesson is to enjoy life while we have it, get out more, and cherish friends and family?

A hat tip to The Accidental Blogger.

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