Monday, March 19, 2007

First and Last Lines 06

I found this meme via Liz's Library Tavern, and it is one of those things that have been sitting on my clips folder for a while. The idea, in some form, is to take the first and last sentence from every month of the year. I drew on this blog, because the serious cousin usually does not do these things. Besides, the fun stuff is here anyhow, hehe. So, for my five or six readers' amusement, here we go. In retrospect, it turns out that once in a while I write something of some substance in this blog other posting quiz results and memes. What do you know?


First: Well folks, this is the first day back at work for me.
Last: I made a brief note about that special issue here over in my main blog.


First: The Independent (UK) for January 29, 2006, in the article, "Why Men Don't Fancy Funny Women," reports on a study to be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.
Last: Anyways, go read the rest of the list.


First:At a time when teachers are often under fire, usually by people who would never dream to do what we do, this reminds us of the difference that a teacher can make in someone's life.
Last: On the other hand, if you offend easily, you may want to skip this one.


First: I found this book interesting and engaging.
Last: At any rate, here is what I learned. (refers to the results of one of those quizzes)


First: It is not very often that I express myself on politics and such.
Last: But as I said, overall, the argument is interesting, and it may be of interest to some of my students.


First: I have new heroes, or maybe they were heroes all along.
Last: . So in other words, he just reinstated it because he got a little too much heat.


Here is an interesting little list of salaries for various Latin American presidents .
Surprised? No.


First: Someone must have snuck into our conference room for one of our librarian meetings.
Last: Happy Blog Day!!


First: The New York Times for August 27, 2006 had an article entitled "Words of Wisdom vs. Words from Our Sponsor."
Last: Anyways, TGIF.


First: I am being dragged here by the serious cousin.
Last: I think that covers it.


First: Ok, so maybe there is no need to be that extreme.
Last: Warning, if you happen to be prudish, this is not for you.


First: This was a short book that I found hard to read because the more I read, the more angry I got at the government's incompetence and flat-out negligence during Katrina's passing.
Last: Best, and keep on blogging.

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