Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brief Summary of my mini-vacation 2007

Right after the 2007 Memorial Day weekend (May 29-31), we took a a few days off to travel the roads. We visited Memphis's Beale Street and the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. I wrote about the trip in my personal journal. For blog visitors, here are some links which may be of interest of our short trip.

  • I have posted a small set of photos from the trip in my Flickr. I have included some comments on the photos.
  • In Memphis, I visited Beale Street. I had visited Graceland back in 2003, so we saw no need to do so again. Thus we spent the day in Beale Street. The highlight this time around was visiting the Rock 'N' Soul Museum. It is a Smithsonian Affiliated program. Highly recommended. Other stops in Beale Street: A Schwab's (see the wikipedia entry here), Tater Red's Lucky Mojos (just a really cool store. I am definitely making this a must everytime I am here), and Memphis Music.
  • In Little Rock, we visited the Clinton Presidential Library (library NARA website, center's website). I highly recommend a visit here. The museum itself is great, but the park makes for a very nice and relaxing destination as well. If you want a souvenir, visit the museum store, along Clinton Avenue. Two down, nine to go (ten when they build G.W. Bush's library). Here is my note about my visit to H.W. Bush's Presidential Library, which includes a bit more information about the Presidential Libraries.
  • We also visited Hope, Arkansas along the way. Find out about Bill Clinton's birthplace. See the city's website.

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