Monday, June 25, 2007

So, what's your global IQ?

Now, as I was taking this, it was a bit of a humbling experience. I do have to say that some of their questions do border on the kind of trivia one would find on a board game. Other questions are the type you would know if you are at least somewhat well informed. I did learn a few new things, and I found myself surprised by some of the answers with reactions such as, "oh really? I thought the number would have been higher/lower." Anyhow, I was humbled indeed with a final score of 48% for 130 questions (which puts me within 51% of respondents taking the quiz). And by the way, at 130 items on various categories, it is quite gruesome. So, go ahead, give it a try, and no, you are not allowed to Google answers before you press the submit button.

Find the article by John Meacham, "What you need to know now," of Newsweek.

Get the quiz.

By the way, there are other polls and features along with the article that may be of interest as well.

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