Friday, July 13, 2007

And unto you the Great Blogger said

I came across the 20 Blogging Commandments. They even have that major classical film style. Anyhow, I am always looking for blogging ideas, and I can use all the encouragement, advice, etc. I can get. Here are some of my favorite commandments:

  • "1. Yea as you walk in the Shadow of the Valley of Ideas which come not, post ye not for its own Sake, for it is better to have a Week with no Posts than an array of seven Posts about Naught."
This is something I strive to do. It is very tempting to pick up on every other little spat in the library sector of the blogosphere. I prefer to walk my own path. See number 12 below.

  • "2. Compare ye not with other Bloggers; just as their Truth is not your Truth, their Format is not your Format."
  • "11. Though ye may be of the Opinion that certain Ideas and Posts of other Bloggers be the product of a deranged Mind, be ye kind: lead yourself not into the Temptation of entering the Realm of flame Warfare, for what is written on their Blog in Rage and Fury can return to bite thee in the nether regions."
  • "12. Make no Haste in your Scribblings. It is better to await the Passage of time to re-write from the Beginning, than to post Thoughts unformed."
Anyways, go over and read these. Found via The Accidental Blogger.

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