Friday, July 20, 2007

Booknote: The Godfather's Revenge

Winegardner, Mark. The Godfather's Revenge. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2006. ISBN: 0-399-15384-5.

Genre: Fiction

This is the sequel to Winegardner's novel The Godfather Returns (see my note here). For me, returning to the world of the Corleones is a guilty pleasure, but this one was just not quite as good. Nick Geraci, Michael Corleone's nemesis and former caporegime, reappears after he was thought to be dead. Tom Hagen faces great difficulties as he tries to make certain crucial deals happen. And the boss of New Orleans, Carlo Tramonti, seeks revenge after a very public humiliation. The novel opens with that humiliation scene, but it seems there is little done with that storyline. There are hints that Hagen's life will be explored more, in a fashion similar to how Fredo's life was explored in the last novel, but there just was not as much there. Still, it is a pretty engaging story for those who enjoy this fictional world. There is someone helping out Geraci it seems as he plots his revenge against the man who betrayed him, Michael Corleone. Whose side is that man really on? Hagen then faces a murder charge. Did he really do it?

Winegardner weaves various plots that go from the President of the United States to the members of the Commission. Overall, a good read, but it just did not seem to quite have the strong drive as the last one. Fans may enjoy it. Good entertainment, but not indispensable.

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