Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hmm, things they don't mind in Tyler?

This has to qualify as a "quote of the day" for me:

". . .and she said 'oh, good...we don't mind so much the rape and incest'!"

The context of the quote is that author Chris Crutcher was giving a talk about his works up in Tyler. His works address various issues such as homosexuality and rape and incest. He was asked if he would be speaking about homosexuality, to which he replied no, unless asked, and the person answered as indicated above.

You can draw your own conclusions from there. Yes, when I moved here, I knew that it was a lot more conservative than Houston. Then again, I knew as a whole that Texas skews conservative (to put it mildly). I try not to let it bother me much, since overall I don't place a high priority on political discussions. I have my views; I just don't see it as something for polite company. Anyways, the state does have a few other good qualities.

At any rate, I found the quote over at the blog Librarian's Rant, where they made a note on a recent keynote by Mr. Crutcher.

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