Monday, October 29, 2007

Texas State Report: There's too many reports

In a 668 page report, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission reported that there are too many agency reports in Texas. In what is obviously an example of the redundant, it turns out that a lot of those reports are for agencies that no longer exist, but no one had the brilliant idea of eliminating the reporting requirement. And here is the sad part:

"In the past, the state regularly compiled a list of about 400 reports that agencies were required by the Legislature to produce. But the commission found more than 1,600, and state records administrator Michael Heskett is pretty sure his team hasn't found them all."(emphasis added)

So, even in 668 pages, they may not have found all the reports just yet. The news story comes from the Houston Chronicle for 10/29/2007. It is entitled "State Report Says Texas Has Too Many Reports."

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