Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lose Pot? Call the cops

Apparently some dudes either lost or tossed a couple of large bags of marijuana on the side of the road in Florida. According to the AP report, entitled "Dude, didn't we have 60 pounds of pot?," highway workers "picking up litter from along Interstate 4 near Tuesday morning made an unusual find: two big plastic garbage bags stuffed with freshly harvested marijuana."The Florida Highway Patrol, wanting to do the right thing, "says anyone missing two big bags of pot can call their Tampa area office."

I can imagine how that phone call might go:

FHP: "Florida Highway Patrol, Tampa Office, how may I help you?"

Stoned dude: "Oh, yea, like, dude, I lost two bags. . ." (silent pause). . ."along the highway, kinda big, with some, uh, plants in them. . ."

FHP: "Sure thing, sir. Just give us your address, and we'll bring you right over to claim them."

Now, I am sure the cops meant their remark in a light spirit, but you know someone out there is dialing their headquarters as we speak.

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