Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still shopping for Christmas? Don't forget the writer in your life

I was watching TV and flipping channels last night while reading feeds, when I came across Suze Orman on CNBC. She was making the point that if you have not bought your Christmas stuff by now (as of last night), then you might as well forget it. Her basic point was that if you shop at this stage, you are probably doing it out of guilt, and the stores know this, so they put out all sorts of stuff you probably can do without. I think she may have a point.

Anyhow, in the spirit of putting something at the last minute, here is a gift guide for the writer in your life, written by K.G. Schneider. I was going to include it in my holiday posts, but in a moment of not being so organized, instead of adding the link to the clippings folder I had made for the holiday posts, I left it pinned. So I missed it. However, this is a good post I want to point to. Not that I am a writer anywhere near the league Ms. Schneider is in, but I can still aspire. She provides some interesting ideas worth a look.

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