Friday, January 11, 2008

Masters of the Universe Quiz

What can I say? I am an 80s kid, so I had to take this one. It is Friday once again, so here is your amusement. It is actually a pretty simple quiz at ten short questions. I remember the action figures for Masters of the Universe, and some of my cousins had the big castle playset too. I used to watch it regularly back in the day. Anyways, here is the result:

Your Score: Sorceress

You scored

The Sorceress is a monument to the maxim that knowledge is power, and you prefer to exercise it from behind the scenes. While benign by nature, your actions indicate a conviction that an end justifies the means. You always know how to push the right buttons, figuratively and literally. It is not often that an IQ is so evenly matched by the EQ.

Other types with whom you'd get along:
Rio Blast

Your evil equivalent: Skeletor

Your exact opposite: Grizzlor

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