Friday, June 06, 2008

Four Variables in Politics

Well, we made it to another Friday. And the two readers of this blog know what that means: quiz time. Since we are in an election year, you may be seeing a few more political theme quizzes here. Anyhow, here is one. Notice I scored 0 in the puritan area. That is because I am as easy going as can be in that regard, and I happen to believe that what consenting adults do when it comes to sex is no one's business but their own. As far as I am concerned the "religious" (and I use the term loosely) can stay out of it. I was not so sure about the isolationist score, other than it probably reflects my feeling that it is about time the government of this country starts taking care of their own for a change. Then again, not that they are taking care of anyone outside the country either. And before anyone argues, "look how much aid the U.S. gives to so and so," keep in mind often a lot of that is private aid given by individuals to agencies. But I am talking more in terms of actually helping out society here. You know, for instance, that pesky poverty thing. Oh well, here are the results this time:

Your Score: Populist

You scored 33 capitalist, 0 puritan, 66 isolationist, and 66 democratic!

You want government to listen to its people and care about only its people, especially the downtrodden.

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