Friday, May 15, 2009

The 75 Movies Every Man Should See (Actually 74).

This is one of those lists that I can't resist seeing how I did. From Esquire, these are "The 75 Movies Every Man Should See." Actually, you only get 74 films; I am not sure if the 75th slide is missing or a glitch (or just the ad). I have my questions about a title or two, but overall, they do catch the "grow hairs on your chest" theme quite well. I am not quite sure they are "the best;" some of the choices seem questionable, but oh well, it's a list and a chance to be a bit snarky. It does have a few films I have never heard of, but then again, I don't really see myself as a film buff. I am more of a casual film viewer who knows how to find information on a film if need be. By the way, the list looks at original films, not the remakes.

In bold, means I have seen it.

The list:

  1. In the Heat of the Night.
  2. Slap Shot.
  3. Iron Man.
  4. Jaws (I still end up watching this when it comes up on cable. And it has some pretty good lines).
  5. Save the Tiger.
  6. 12 Angry Men (amazingly enough, I have never taken the time to see this. Maybe I should).
  7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (remember vaguely seeing it. I don't really see the big deal so many people make out of it).
  8. Chinatown (this is another one of those I am ashamed to admit I have not seen. I need to rush to the video store like pronto and fix that deficiency).
  9. The Godfather (you can't be manly if you have not seen this film. Period. A lot of the answers in life are in this film).
  10. Fitzcarraldo (I have never heard of this one. I may have to check it out).
  11. Ghostbusters (I am not sure how watching this movie makes you more manly, but it's on the list).
  12. Glory.
  13. Wall Street (nope, have not seen it. Not sure I want to given the current climate).
  14. Runaway Train.
  15. Rosemary's Baby.
  16. North by Northwest.
  17. Lone Star.
  18. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (yes; this is definitely one film that is a must-see for guys. The final showdown is a classic).
  19. The Conversation.
  20. The Thin Blue Line (saw it, but vaguely remember it).
  21. Johnny Dangerously (another one I barely remember).
  22. The French Connection (car chase. Need I say more? Oh, and the hat is pretty cool too. Plus a guy who goes by the name of Popeye and is not a sailor. What's not to like?).
  23. Miller's Crossing.
  24. The Great Escape.
  25. Dawn of the Dead.
  26. Shaun of the Dead.
  27. Hate.
  28. First Blood (do you really need a reason if you are a guy to watch this? This movie is a fine example of "don't mess with the silent guy who is just passing through." That is a very common theme in guy movies it seems. I am surprised no one seems to really have written about it. Eastwood, Stallone, so on, have played the "I am a bad guy, don't mess with me or else" character at one time or another).
  29. Bottle Rocket.
  30. Bad Day at Black Rock.
  31. Tootsie.
  32. Broadcast News.
  33. The Terminator.
  34. Shakes the Clown.
  35. Dirty Harry (because sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Now if all the dumbass bureaucrats and bosses would get out of the way so one could get the job that needs doing done the world would be a better place).
  36. Straw Dogs.
  37. Raging Bull.
  38. Citizen Kane.
  39. The Shining.
  40. Fatal Attraction. (if this movie does not scare a guy straight from cheating on their significant other with a one-night stand, I am not sure what will. First time I saw this, Glenn Close creeped the crap out of me. Poor bunny).
  41. The Incredibles.
  42. Blade Runner (A classic of science fiction).
  43. Sling Blade.
  44. Giant.
  45. Glengarry Glen Ross (read the play, have not seen the film).
  46. Serpico (a film about doing what is right, no matter who you have to cross or the risks. Definitely a manly movie).
  47. Down by Law.
  48. The Searchers (I think by now I have seen most if not all of John Wayne's westerns at one point or another).
  49. Do The Right Thing.
  50. Gone Baby Gone.
  51. The Big Kahuna.
  52. M.A.S.H.
  53. The Verdict.
  54. The Warriors.
  55. Alien.
  56. Stalag 17.
  57. Bridge on the River Kwai.
  58. The Misfits.
  59. Reservoir Dogs (one that I amaze myself I have not taken the time to see. Again, a trip to the video store is in order).
  60. The Maltese Falcon (what is more manly than Humphrey Bogart in a noir film?).
  61. Dr. No. (By the way, this was on cable a few nights ago. I sat down to watch it again, and it is interesting to me how the film seems so simple now, when you compare it with the Bond films today, and yet back then it was very revolutionary. And the film is still appealing today).
  62. Cool Hand Luke.
  63. The Road Warrior.
  64. Patton.
  65. True Romance.
  66. Run Silent, Run Deep.
  67. All Quiet on the Western Front.
  68. Platoon.
  69. Caddyshack.
  70. Hud.
  71. Blazing Saddles (this is another of my favorites. So many good lines).
  72. Three Kings.
  73. Paths of Glory.
  74. On the Waterfront.
Hmm, only 38. Oh well, there you have it folks. As the guys at Esquire say, it is a biased list. I would take some out and put others in, but then I would have to write another whole post.


BatChainPuller said...

It's only 74 because they knew they didn't have to list "Pulp Fiction"

Anonymous said...

Not a very good list. No Chaplin at all!

JohnBennett said...

what a bad list

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Can they seriously not include Saving Private Ryan, Scent of a Woman, A Few Good Men, Men of Honor and Walking Tall