Monday, October 26, 2009

The invasion of stupidity is no fun

I think we can pretty much handle every other major disaster if we put our will, efforts, resources, and minds to it. Natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, so on, are things that we can get over and rebuild over time. The rise of stupidity, coupled with the rise of willful ignorance and a serious lack of common charity and good, is something is much more fearful. When people are just too stupid for their own good that is a problem. When people are just too dumb to make some time to be informed, to learn, to be intellectually curious, then that is a problem. When in addition to that they simply adopt an "I got mine Jack" attitude where no one else matters but themselves, preferring to leave others to face true disasters on their own, that really is a problem. Stupidity and its rise are certainly a natural disaster. It is one you cannot recuperate from right away, and over time, it has a tendency to multiply. Now that certainly freaks me out.

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