Friday, April 30, 2010

Five characters I relate to

This is just one of those writing for fun blog posts. Although the title of the post that inspired this is "Top 5 Characters I Relate To," I decided not to say "top" since there are more than five. For purposes of the prompt, I am sticking with just five. Here go my choices (in no particular order):

  • Ciaphas Cain, Regimental Commissar. Though Cain claims to be a coward at times (or at least very interested in self-preservation), he is more often than not very pragmatic and down to Earth. The man just wants to do his job without much fuss or fanfare. That is kind of the way I see it. I just want to do my job, do it well, and no big deal. Cain finds himself the hero, mostly because others see him as such. Don't get me wrong. He is heroic, and in spite of his instincts, usually does the right thing, which is another reason I admire and relate to this character. And though he may seem like a slacker to some, he is actually an accomplished military officer and warrior. Another trait I like: you can be good at what you do without having to tout your horn about it. Let others do that for you.
  • Admiral Festina Ramos (first featured in the novel Expendable). For starters, Festina Ramos is part of the Explorer Corps, known as The Expendables. I hold no illusions that I am not expendable as well (granted, not in the extreme that Festina is). Two, Festina is willing to do what it takes, take any risk, in order to uncover the truth and do what is right. And she has to fight a lot of bureacracy and hierarchy to do it. In a way, that is a lot of my story as well, having to fight a lot bureaucracy and entrenched interests to get done what needs to be done. That Festina is a little different (every explorer in this series is basically someone different in some way--deformed, less than perfect, so on) helps me relate as well. I am far from perfect. If I lived in her universe, odds are good there would be a black uniform of the Explorer Corps waiting for me as well.
  • Judge Joseph Dredd. There are days when I just feel a serious need to lay down the law. Unlike other lawmen, Dredd is judge, jury, and executioner. There is no middle man, so to speak. He does have a quote that can be troubling for some, but that on some days I cannot help but agree with: "Democracy is not for the people." All I have to do is look at a lot of the current climate in the United States to be convinced of this. Then again, maybe I am being influenced at the moment by the fact that I am recently finished reading Idiot America. Dredd is a man that stands alone and stands tall against a world full of corruption and evil. And there are days when I just want to say, "I am the Law!" However, I have no aspirations to management, so that is not likely to happen. But believe you me, if by some miracle it did, heads would roll because I have little to no tolerance for bullshit.
  • V, from V for Vendetta. The man is refined, cultured, a revolutionary, and an efficient killer. In the end, he is a man fighting a repressive and corrupt government. We need a good revolution, and I don't necessarily mean this in a violent sense. Having said that, a lot of administrations should go down if for no other reason than to erase their incompetence, inertia, genteel behavior (which is usually a mask for an incoming stab in the back), and overall lack of will to do what is actually right. And he is so theatrical. One has to love that. Plus, sometimes you just need to go on a good vendetta.
  • Hannibal Lecter. This may seem like a very odd choice for me, but Lecter has two traits I can relate to. One, he is cultured, refined, appreciates the good things in life, is sensual, and an intellectual. Two, he hates rude people with a passion matched by few, and he deals with them in his own way. I hate to admit this, but if I could unleash Lecter on a good number of the rude people I meet fairly often, the world would probably be a better place.

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