Monday, May 02, 2011

So, Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes

I jotted down some brief thoughts as well as listed a few links I found interesting about the whole affair over on the scratch pad blog. Feel free to have a look if so moved. Or feel free to move on. Like most stories these days, the Bin Laden story will likely saturate the media for a few weeks. From the mandatory "asking the asshats to chime in on Facebook or Twitter" that news organizations seem to think is news to those who will disparage the achievement and use it to yet again attack the President (because apparently those people do not get the idea of "respecting the Office of the President" even if you disagree with the guy in office, not to mention the whole bunch of morons who use things like birther rants as code for their racism), I honestly would rather not hear about it more than I absolutely have to. That means that, for me, I will be watching a lot of things like Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, so on. I already get plenty of news via my RSS feeds and Twitter, so to be honest, by the time I get home, I pretty much want to be distracted. And if watching those other channels does not work, I do have a few good books I am currently reading that I know will do the job just fine.

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