Friday, December 02, 2011

Signs that the economy is bad, December 2, 2011

Just a few bad signs this week. I would say the one story that really caught my eye this time is the one about the mall Santas. It's always hard when dealing with children and having to break things gently to them. And on a side note, while some pundits out there are saying that Black Friday may mean the economy may be getting back on track, in reality it may just be another sign that the economy is bad (story via The Washington Post), and people are just desperate for any deal they can get. Desperation is certainly a sign the economy is bad. Anyhow, the stories for this week.

  • Former college student grows and sells pot in order to pay off student loans. I have a feeling we may come to see more stories like this as the burden of paying for a college education becomes more unbearable and continues to be like entering indentured servitude or slavery to a lender. Via The Oregonian
  • It's the end of the free gravy train for the children of LSU alumni. Apparently, those kids used to get a a scholarship just for being born to the "right" parents. It seems that has gotten too pricey for LSU, so they are discontinuing the program. Via Inside Higher Ed.  
  • Early Christmas item. It seems mall Santas now have to be a bit more tactful with the kids that visit them.  It is a tough job even if it does have its rewards. According to the article, "prospective St. Nicks are now being taught how to quickly assess a family’s financial situation before responding to children’s requests in such a manner that leaves them feeling cheerful, but not overly expectant." Via Time.

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