Sunday, June 09, 2013

Booknote: Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness

Andy Hartnell, Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness. Mt. Laurel (NJ): Dynamite Comics, 2013. ISBN: 9781606902462. (Link to publisher website)

Genre: Graphic Novels and Comics.
Subgenre Adventure

This collection compiles the first six issues of the title comic. This is a crossover of Danger Girl and Army of Darkness. I think readers of either franchise will probably enjoy it. In fact, I am already recommending it to a couple of my students who are fans of Army of Darkness.

Abby Chase, adventurer extraordinaire and member of the secret spy group Danger Girl, has a mission to rescue the brother of a tin pot dictator general. The brother got into trouble after discovering a certain dark and ancient book. This, of course, is the one book no one should mess with, the Book of the Dead. Ash, meanwhile, was doing relatively well until he starts to have hallucinations. At that point, he knows someone has messed with the book, and he has a personal vendetta to make sure no one is trying to use the dark powers of the book. He then sets out to put things right. The Danger Girls figure he has a role to ply, and soon he joins them, and the adventure begins. Will they be able to prevent doom from happening?

Hartnell delivers a good action story with some of the humor that Ash is well-known for. The feel of the comic is a blend of adventure and comedy, but the comedy is kept fairly light. Bolson's art gives us the glamour of the Danger Girls, a definite reason to pick up this comic. The girls simply look great. The art also brings the action to life. There are some very good two-page panels here enhanced by good color work. Overall, this is a very nice comic to read, and it is well done visually.

Disclosure note: Publication date is August 2013 (though I think the distributor will be shipping them in July if I read the website correctly). I read this via NetGalley, where the publisher provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review. So, once again, we have appeased The Man.

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