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Campus Event: Enrique Morones on "Giving Voice to the Voiceless."

This event was part of the Campus Convocation Series here at Berea College. This event took place on November 21, 2013. A reason I am posting my notes, in addition to the usual sharing, is that I will be reading Mr. Morones' book soon, and I want to have these notes handy for when I read it. As usual in this kind of post, my comments will be in parenthesis. Otherwise, these are notes on what the speaker said.

Enrique Morones is the Executive Director of Border Angels.

  • A society is judged on how we treat our children, and as a society, we have not done a good job. This year children is the theme for Border Angels.
  • What led Morones to establish Border Angels? He saw migrant workers and families in the San Diego area living in canyons; they were field workers. 
    • The organization practices non-violence. 
    • People do need to know about activist work. How can they (others) help you if they do not know what is going on? 
    • Another product of NAFTA: screwed Mexican farmers as the U.S.-subsidized farm products were cheaper and flooded Mexico. This is another reason for Mexican migrations north.
    • Operation Gatekeeper, a wall between San Diego and Tijuana. 10,000 lives lost.
  • Why do people migrate? A search for food is a universal reason. 
    • Another reason: family reunification. Family reunification is a universal right. 
    • For those who whine, "let them get in line," there is NO line. Low income workers do NOT qualify for visas. 
  • Morones and his organization and other activists ask for humane immigration policies. 
  • We can be silent. Speak up peacefully. Know the issues and vote. 
  • There are immoral laws, and those laws need to be changed. 
  • Overcome hate with love. Even pray for your enemies and perpetrators because they were not born that way. Something went wrong with those who hate. 
  •  For our students, a reminder that a lot of people are counting on them. 
  • Urging folks to find a local organization to be involved in social justice. 
His book:

Enrique Morones, with Richard Griswold del Castillo, The Power of One: The Story of the Border Angels. San Diego, CA: San Diego State University Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-879691-99-5.

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