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Holiday Post 2014: Gifts and strange items

I continue my series of holiday posts this year. Today we look at gifts and other strange items. As of this post, most of you probably have your gifts bought, made, and/or wrapped and ready to go. If you still need to shop, time is ticking, and I think most online stores are open, but getting that last minute item delivered on time may be an issue. For our household, that is the nice thing of celebrating Three Kings Day. Whatever does not get delivered on Christmas morning, we still have a leisurely week to get it for the 6th of January. 

Shopping tips and deals

Washington, D.C. Christmas shopping in Woolworth's five and ten cent store.
From Library of Congress,

  •  Via Mental Floss, here are some tricks to help you get a good deal. Some are better than others, so make sure you do read the details. 
  • When you shop for children, you want to make sure you buy safe toys. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group has released its 2014 "Trouble in Toyland" report. It is an annual survey of toy safety. 

Gifts and more

Washington, D.C. [Men] shopping in Woolworth's five and ten store
From Library of Congress

There are gifts and gift ideas out there for just about anyone and any need. Let's have a look at a few.

  • Art of Manliness updated their list of DIY gifts for men for 2014. If you prefer someone else make the gift for the man in your life, they also have a guide for subscription services for men.  A subscription service is one of those services where you can get a box of something every month (or at other regular intervals).
  • Need something for that manly dude? Incredible Things has a guide with some gift ideas.  I would love a copy of the Suicide Girls: Geekology book listed.
  • Want to shop for the kids and not just settle for "the usual"? Here is a gift guide for curious kids, via Incredible Things
  • Want something for the family? Games, especially table games, can be a good option. These days, many of the classics, like Monopoly, have electronic versions you can play on apps. Here is a list of "11 Gifts that will Innovate Family Game Night."  From tables to apps, you can find something here. Link via Mental Floss.
  • Want more board and card games you can actually play on a table? The Morning News has a "2014 Good Gift Games." These are not necessarily "classics," but there are some interesting options on the list.
  • Did you get stuck with one of those Secret Santa events? I have mixed feelings over those, and mercifully, have not gotten roped into one in recent years. Anyhow, if you did, here are some gift ideas. Link via BuzzFeed.
  • Have a cheese fan in your life? Actually, that would be me. Anyhow, if you do, maybe this list of gifts for cheese enthusiasts may interest you. Link via BuzzFeed.
  • A reader or book enthusiast in your life? Got you covered for that too with a list of stuff beyond a bookmark. Link via The Millions.
  • Have family who travel a lot? Got one of those friends who goes around the world and posts every single itty bitty detail of the trip on social media? Well, if you have not blocked or "unfriended" them by now, maybe you want to get them something. Here are some gift ideas for the world traveler. Link via Mental Floss.
  • For the television lover, a DVD or Blue Ray collection of a favorite show or series is always welcomed. The Advocate has a list with some ideas. Personally, I would fall in this category. These days I prefer to watch my TV either recorded (via DVR) or on DVDs (that I borrow from my local library or own).
  • Have a college student or recent college graduate you need to shop for? Very often, they need practical things that can help them appear professional or help them in their new careers. GradHacker has some ideas just for that. I know I could have used some of these things when I graduated from college, many moons ago. 
  • For some folks, calendars are a good gift option. I happen to like a good calendar, and I try to keep something nice in my office at work as well as in my work station at home. If you need some ideas in this regard, here are "10 Artsy and Attractive Calendars for 2015." C'mon, I am sure the lady in your life might melt over the Kittendales calendar (yes, it is what you think: a bunch of hunky hot guys with kittens. It's made by an animal rescue group, so if you buy it, hey, you can say it was for charity).  Link via Mental Floss.
  • Got cats in  your family? We do. Two of them. Now, I am not saying all librarians have cats or anything like that. At any rate, here are ideas for gifts for kitty. Links via BuzzFeed and Wired.
  • Finally for this section, is there a bitch in your life? Well, if you were moved to get her something, this list may help. Link via BuzzFeed (and yes, this is a bit darker humor). The one for the bitch who keeps showing off the big rock of an engagement ring and won't shut up about it seems very appropriate. And for the bitch who is an illiterate anti-vaccine advocate, yea, they got that covered too.


18th century engraving. Erich Lessing / Art Resource, NY. Found at

 I would be remiss if we did not add a little something for our friends who like to get frisky. So, if you are looking for one or two ideas in the adult and sexy area, this may be for you.

  • The Advocate has a list of 14 Sexy Gifts for Your Slutty Friends
  • Mr. Will's House of Thrills has a list of 5 holiday gifts for the penis in your life (yours or someone else in your life).
  • And I do not work for them, but if you are looking for erotica to read (by yourself or with your partner or folks close to you), I have found that titles from Cleis Press do quite nicely. They do have quite a selection, so odds are good you can find a topic you like. I have reviewed one or two of their titles here on the blog, including Best Bondage Erotica 2014 (link to my review).

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