Friday, March 27, 2015

Booknote: Adolf: An Exile in Japan

Osamu Tezuka, Adolf, Volume 2: an Exile in Japan. San Francisco, CA: Cadence Books, 1996. ISBN: 1-56931-107-2.

Subgenre: Historical fiction
Format: Print. Softcover
Source: My local public library.
Series: Second volume in a five volume set.

Link to my note on the first volume.

The plot thickens in as the reporter returns to Japan. He takes possession of the documents his brother had, documents that can prove Hitler had Jewish ancestry. However, this attracts the attention of the secret police in Japan, who pursue him, and get him fired from his job.  Then the Gestapo sends their own agent. Still, Sohei Toge perseveres as he tries to find a way to make the documents public. Meanwhile, in Germany, young Adolf Kaufman is being indoctrinated in a Hitler Youth school, and he will come to hate his friend Adolf Kinzel.

The story continues to draw in the reader. It kept me reading, and I am curious to find out what will happen next. What can I say?  You just want to see if Toge makes it, and what will happen when the other two Adolfs eventually confront each other. The book is very good, with a unique and deep view of the war. Though it is fiction, you do learn a bit about the history from reading it. I will certainly continue reading the series.

Pretty close to perfect, but not quite. We'll see how the series moves along.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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