Friday, June 12, 2015

Booknote: Adolf, Volume 4: Days of Infamy

Osamu Tezuka, Adolf, Volume 4: Days of Infamy. San Francisco, CA: Cadence Books, 1996. ISBN: 1-56931-124-2.

Genre: manga
Subgenre: historical fiction, World War II
Format: trade paperback.
Source: My local public library

The story continues as Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, and Germany invades the Soviet Union. Sohei Toge, the journalist, falls in love, and Adolf Kamil will attempt to get the documents about Hitler to a spy. The story opens with the story of Ramsey, a spy working for the Soviets and a man of many names with a solid spy network. However, his old friend and now Nazi, Adolf Kaufman, will attempt to stop him. Kaufman is now ordered to sneak into Japan to find and destroy the documents by any means necessary. Yet his terrible deeds working for the Nazis now haunt his conscience. In addition, we also get the perspective of Japan's invasion of Manchuria.

The intrigue gets deeper now. The manga continues to be a very compelling read. We may know the history, yet the story's tension and suspense just keeps me reading. We come to care for the characters. Once you pick this up, you just have to keep on reading, and by now, we can see that the end is near. We just want to keep on going. The work overall is well written and researched (and yes, this takes into account the author did take a liberty or two along the way); this is a big reason why I have enjoyed this series so much. I am learning a bit as I read along, and it makes me want to read more about this historical time period. I am continuing on to the last volume.

5 out of 5 stars.

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