Friday, January 08, 2016

Holiday Post 2015: What the heck happened?

With Epiphany, or Three Kings Day as it is known in much of Latin America, the 12 Days of Christmas come to an end, although if you go to Puerto Rico, the party will likely go on at least a couple more weeks in what is known as the octavitas. So I am still in holiday frame for a while longer yet.

I would like to end my series of Holiday Posts for this season with a look at what the heck happened in 2015. Now, most news sources do their usual summaries of the year, and there is some of that here. But I also tried to find a few different things to see what else happened in 2015 besides the usual.

Note that I am not including books and reading here. If you are interested in items about books,  you can check out my holiday post on books and reading

News Stuff


Yes, we have to acknowledge I suppose that some stuff happened on the news during 2015. Some of this I do find helpful as a reminder. Though I do my best to keep up with news and the world around me, I still miss quite a bit. Thus it is interesting to me to see things I missed. So, let's have a look.

  • For starters, here is a four minute video that summarizes what happened in 2015:

Entertainment and Pop Culture

Meme by Todd Mecklem (, use by CC license

A lot of stuff happens in entertainment and pop culture. Much of it I could not care less about. However, I do find some trivia interesting, so in that light, let's see what happened in entertainment and pop culture.

The Library World

World War I Camp Library, Camp Sheridan, 1918 (via Wikimedia

I am a librarian, so I suppose I should at least feign some interest to what may have been happening in my profession and the world of libraries. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do, and I love the world of libraries. I do not particularly care for the many soap operas you often find in the profession. 

Some News from the World of Erotica and Sex and Gender

19th Century French Erotica book cover. Via Traveling Man at Flickr ( Used by CC license.

All sorts of interesting things happened in the world of erotica, sex, gender, sex work, and education. Many of these stories often slip under the radar unless you pay attention and/or you choose to follow sources in those areas. So here is a small sampling. The usual warning: some sites may have NSFW content.


Yes. 2015 was a year full of what can best be described as fuckery. Assholes, bigots, plagues, and other assorted bullshit, ignorance, and stupidity happened this year. Yea, the stupid was strong in 2015.

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