Friday, January 06, 2017

Holiday Post 2016: What the heck happened? Holy Shit edition

Few will disagree that 2016 was one hell of a shit year in various ways. Many of us are glad it is over, though I am not holding much hope for 2017 given the results of the clusterfuck elections in the United States. Still, today is Three Kings Day in many parts of Latin America, including Puerto Rico, and for a few more days my Puerto Rican brethren are celebrating the octavas and octavitas, so I am not quite ready to end the holiday season.  For now, I would like to end the 12 Days of Christmas with the last of my holiday posts for 2016 and take a look at what the hell happened in 2016. For me, this is not just looking back. It's a way to bury 2016 and move on to 2017.


Let's look at some of the news for 2016.

  • USA Today offers a look at 2016 in photos
  • The Advocate has their year in review, featuring "everything that mattered, from odious Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, to queers marching in New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade, to the end of the ban on trans military service, to the massacre in Orlando — and much more."
  • The Atlantic wants to remind us that 2016 was not all shit with a set of hopeful images. There are some really neat photos here. 
  • The Root looks at media diversity stories of 2016
  • In the end, I would say the best review of 2016 is The Rude Pundit's haiku review of the year where his readers and him look at the past year in haiku. (Opening post, part one, and part two).

Pop culture and entertainment

Let us forget about the bad news and look a bit at pop culture and entertainment.  

Some stuff about libraries

As I have mentioned, I am a librarian, so I have to highlight a story or two. 


  • 2016 had a lot of fuckery that I would rather forget, but have to mention at least one. So here is a list of the worst anti-science nonsense of 2016. The stupid was strong in 2016. Story via Grist.
I do not want to leave folks with gloom and doom, so here is a guy's video of all he learned in 2016. Perhaps we can make a resolution to be like him and learn a new thing or two in 2017. Read a new book or two. Learn a new language. Pick up a new hobby. Find a bit of bliss and go onward in 2017.

Paz y amor.

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