Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Holiday Post: Books and Reading.

Welcome to 2017 here at The Itinerant Librarian. We continue with the 12 Days of Christmas, and  here is my holiday post on books and reading.  I know many folks take a few moments at this time of the year to look back at what they read in 2016; I will be posting my own 2016 reading report later this  month. I also know those folks may be looking for reading ideas for 2017, and that is where this post comes in. I hope some of these links are helpful to folks. I will add my comments here and there. If I have read something featured in any of these lists that I think is worth recommending I will. As always, comments are welcomed.

Some of the big lists

This is a sampling of the usual suspects. You know, the big shot lists that almost everyone looks at.

Other Lists

These are other lists I have found that may be of interest. They are not quite from the big shots.

Books to help you understand things

2016 as I mentioned was a seriously fucked up year. So of course we are getting lists to help you understand just what the hell happened. Here is a sampling of that.

  • The media has gotten a lot of flak for their lousy coverage of events in 2016, especially the U.S. election. And they deserve all the criticism they get; they dropped the ball on that. Still, understanding the media is important, so here is a reading list for understanding the media from Book Riot.
  • Signature offers a list of 7 books to understand the incoming Trump administration.This is a bit different of a list. It is not really books about Trump. Only real book about him or with his name is his own Art of the Deal. It is more books on topics that will be affected by the man. I can offer you two books I have read that may help you understand Trump better and are not on this list. One is Ted Rall's Trump: a Graphic Biography (link to my review), and the other is Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump (link to my review). Believe me, Doonesbury has been warning us about Trump for years.

A bit of diversity

From international reads to ethnic groups to LGBT, here are some books to help you diversify your reading.This is not comprehensive; it is just a sampling of things that came in my feed reader. If you have other lists related to diversity you want to add, feel free to link them in the comments for me to check out.

Some graphic novels and comics

Graphic novels and comics are one of my favorite reading formats, so naturally I have to offer some suggestions.

 Some adult fare

And finally, here is a bit for folks who like erotica and sex writing. If you are not one of those folks, you can skip this last link.

  • Violet Blue offers her list to help you kink your Kindle (or other e-reader, or in some cases you can get them in print). I will warn her site can be NSFW. From this list, I do have the Circlet Treasure of Erotic Wonderland on my TBR, and I will review it after I read it.

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