Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A few Thanksgiving treats 2017

This week I get to work a short week due to the Turkey Day holiday. I will be working until Wednesday afternoon, then get the holiday and Friday off. Students get the Wednesday as well. We have no major plans to travel or have guests, and we are grateful for that. If you are traveling, I wish you safe journeys. If you are hosting people, I hope it is as stress free as possible and that some peace reigns in your celebration. So, while I am gone, here is a little trivia and entertainment for the holiday.

Pat Nixon with the White House Chefs in the kitchen, viewing the Thanksgiving turkey and vegetables, November 19, 1970. From the Nixon Presidential Library.

  • Start with some trivia about the holiday. The U.S. Census Bureau has their Thanksgiving feature out so you can see the holiday by the numbers. 
  • USA Today had some features for the holiday that may be of interest: 
    • Many folks I have known are extremely informal about the Thanksgiving meal. Apparently, there is some etiquette rules that civilized people mind. Here are some highlights with my comments: 
      • "Dress appropriately." Apparently just staying in pajamas is frowned upon. 
      • "Never have more than one cocktail before dinner." This must have been proclaimed before the era of the Pendejo In Chief. You know your Trumpista crazy uncle is going to be loud. You are going to need something stronger to ignore him. Bonus if it puts you to sleep. 
      • "Avoid discussing controversial or painful family subjects. This is a day to be together in a spirit of generosity and thankfulness for all you do have. Let it be so. Likewise, do not talk about your health — good or bad." This should require no further comment. It is simple: shut the fuck up on anything controversial or painful. The old rule of "avoid politics and religion" in polite company should be in full force.Oh, and Aunt Bertha, shut it about your sister Irma's hemorrhoids. 
    •  Are you flying? Here is your reminder of the pains and tribulations you will be suffering unless you own a private jet. The Pendejo In Chief's TSA is certainly making the  airport experience much more invasive
    • Are you one of those fine souls who likes to help others? You are thinking of going to help out at a soup kitchen or serve Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate on the holiday? Good for you, but the service agencies would rather you not
    • On the positive, if you are running late on getting that turkey, and you are one of those nitpicky people who need it to be organic, antibiotic free, blah blah, Amazon has you covered as they are cutting prices on those at Whole Foods
  • Is your Thanksgiving kind of blah? Do you need to give it some pizazz?  The Week suggests five ways to class it up. Because you are not showing enough gratitude for the blessings you may have unless you have a $200 gravy boat and a $25 cocotte (whatever the hell that is). 
  • Still worried you might screw up the dinner? Don't worry, here is one of those chef articles you get this time of year with his "secrets" to be successful. Via Vox. Joking aside, the book featured in the article does sound interesting. 
  • Are you driving there instead of flying? That could be a better option if it is viable for you. However, you may want to keep an eye on traffic conditions.You can also check on traffic trends to know when it may be best to travel, if you must. Via Lifehacker
  • Need a bit more help with preparing and making the meal? Here is a list of a few books and DVDs that could help. Via Shelf Talk
  • By the way, did you know turkey is not really responsible for you falling asleep after the meal? Read why here. Story via The Conversation.
  • If turkey is not your thing, well, chicken is an option. Here is a bit more radical option. Via Foodiggity.
  • As mentioned here and in other places, Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful time for various reasons. If you must either host or go to someone's home, you may want to take a few deep breaths. Here are also some Buddhist practices to help you get grounded for the event (applicable too for Christmas later on) via Tricycle
  • Still have to put up with some stubborn Pendejo In Chief fan? There is a hotline you can call to help you out if you need some constructive talking points to deal with them and more. Via SUJR.
  • And here is a little something to help you reflect on gratitude, which is a big part of Thanksgiving. If you keep a journal, you may want to consider doing this 31 Days of Gratitude journaling challenge, starting December 1st. Via Writing Through Life. I am seriously thinking about doing it.

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