Friday, January 19, 2007

Worst statements of 2006

Let's take one more look at 2006 before we get into the full swing of 2007. The Statement Bank has issued its list of the best and worst statements of 2006. I have to say there are some jewels in there. Some examples:

In the worst category:

  • "Is that possible? To time travel ...? Yes it is, Kevin! I think other
    people are ahead of us."

    Britney Spears to her (ex-)husband Kevin Federline, in an internet video.

Hmm, I think that pretty much explains itself. On a side note about Ms. Spears, Susie Bright gave her credit (Ms. Bright's journal has adult content, for those who may worry about that) for all of a sudden "Without the slightest feminist or artistic design, Spears has changed the public perception of what a mother-of-two's sexuality might be all about." I remember reading Ms. Bright's post (actually, she is one of my favorites on my reader) and wondering, well, if Ms. Bright would have flashed her cupcake (actually I used the other "c" word, but we try to keep this blog reader friendly), I would certainly be willing to give her credit as a revolutionary. Ms. Spears on the other hand, no way. Ms. Spears simply chose not to wear underwear and then flash the world. But don't take my word for it. If you go to Ms. Bright's journal, she has a link so you can take a look as well (I did, and I would have looked at Ms. Bright's too had she flashed. Now you know). Yes, that is the same Britney who says time travel is possible. Need we say more?

On the best statements:

  • "We certainly would not want to have the same kind of democracy as they
    have in Iraq."

    Vladimir Putin in response to George W. Bush's statement that his country
    should emulate democracy in Iraq.
  • "All those parents who are preoccupied with making demands on schools
    and teachers should rather spend some of their effort on raising
    their own children, so they don't turn into anti-social little

    Editorial in the Danish online publication "Ekstra Bladet."

I think the editorial quote is probably my all-time favorite. If those so-called parents with false and inflated senses of entitlement spent half the time they spend whining and blaming their kids' problems on everyone but themselves, maybe their kids would not be the messed up anti-social monsters that the rest of us have to cope with. Anyways, go read the rest of the statements.

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