Friday, September 07, 2007

Yes, I do know my scifi movies

Well, it is Friday, so readers of this blog know the odds are good I am amusing myself with another one of those online quizzes. So, here you go. And yes, I do spend a lot of free time watching and/or reading sci-fi, though I would not see myself as a geek.

Sci-Fi Expert

Your Sci-Q is 97!

You are a Sci-Fi Expert!

You definitely know your Sci-Fi. This also means one of two things.

1. You are a total geek that spends all of your free time watching Sci-Fi (movies/tv), reading Sci-Fi books, looking at graphic novels (comics), playing video games and combing the net for any news about the next Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, Star Trek movie or Sci-Fi TV show slated to become a movie.

2. You just love movies (especially Sci-Fi) and know all there is to know about movies including the wonderful and expansive genre known as Sci-Fi.

Congratulations and Qapla'

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Sci-Q

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Larry Cole said...

I noticed your Klingon picture. We have a Klingon Love Poetry Contest at our SF convention. Female Klingons throw heavy objects (we limit them to large stuffed animals) at potential mates reciting poetry. We give awards to the most forceful hurling, seductive hurling and best ducking.