Friday, October 31, 2008

A post for Halloween 2008

Tonight is Halloween. I'll be going out tonight to take the little one to trick or treat in the early evening, and yes, I will be in costume myself. Now that I got my early voting out of the way, I can go enjoy the night. By the way, if you are in Texas, today is the last day of early voting. If you are registered to vote and live here, dang it, go vote today.

Anyhow, for the amusement of my two readers, here are some links and fun things I have found around the Internet to help you celebrate Halloween:

So, have a Happy and Safe Halloween. If you go out, watch out for the little ones who may be out trick or treating. If you drink, please do so in moderation, and please, please, if you drank too much, pass the keys and don't drive (or call a cab or crash on a couch).

Oh, and since we can't seem to get away from thinking about the economy, here is a spooky thought:

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