Friday, November 06, 2009

Fast food quiz

Well, we made it to another Friday here at The Itinerant Librarian. My two readers know that Fridays are often quiz day, where I amuse myself with one of those Internet quizzes some people love to hate. This week, we get to play with food. Dang it, no tostones or other Puerto Rican options? Just because I have a Spanish last name, it does not follow I have to like burritos. Actually, I do happen to like burritos and both Mexican and Tex-Mex food, but we are trying to make a point here, which was, oh well, this is just a silly quiz. The part about being pretty low maintenance is pretty accurate. I am overall a pretty mellow person as long as you don't rile me up.

Anyhow, here are the results:

You Are a Burrito

You're not a picky person. You're able to go with the flow and really enjoy life.

You have a taste for the exotic, and you're quite adventurous. You're willing to try almost anything.

You're very low maintenance. You don't mind getting a bit messy if it means having fun.

You aren't superficial or easily impressed. Someone has to be the real deal if they're going to impress you.

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