Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A five books meme

My three readers know that I cannot resist a book meme. I saw this a while back over at Ruminations. However, with my busy schedule as of late, I did not have time to do it back in June. So, I wrote down a draft in my journal, and I am finally able to post it to my blog. So, here goes (applicable as of July 11, 2011).  

The book I am currently reading:

I am always reading more than one book. In my reading cue at the moment I have the following:
The last  book I finished:
The next book I want to read:

There are a few, or a lot, of books I want to read next. However, there are some I feel I should get to next:
The last book I bought:
Last book I was given:
  • This is easy because it's a special one: Simon Beecroft, Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. It's special because, besides the fact that I like Legos and Star Wards, it was a Father's Day gift from my daughter. 

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