Friday, December 13, 2013

Booknote: Transformers: Monstrosity

 Chris Metzen and Flint Dille, Transformers: Monstrosity. San Diego, CA: IDW, 2013. ISBN: 9781613777503.

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This volume is a sequel, as I understand it, to Transformers: Autocracy. You do not need to have read the previous volume in order to read this one. Transformers: Monstrosity stands on its own well enough. I can say that I liked this one; it has been better than other Transformer comics I have read recently. The volume contains issues 1-12 of the comics series.

The Autobots have scored a victory; the Decepticons are defeated, and Megatron has been exiled. But the price of victory is high, and now Optimus Prime must work to lead the Bots society and rebuild a Cybertron ravaged by war. The Bots are divided into factions, and many just want to leave the planet. The Dinobots are among those wanting to leave the planet, now reduced to common thieves as they attempt to steal enough funds to afford space on a ship leaving the planet. Add to this that the Decepticons still remain a threat; however, they may not be the greatest threat out there.

The story is pretty strong. It has a good blend of action and story with some intrigues from the past thrown in. Optimus Prime must deal with the consequences of choices from the past and with secrets that can no longer remain buried. What I liked about the story was the blend of action and complexity. The artist's work serves to bring the war torn world of Cybertron to life as well as convey the battle weariness of the Bots.

Overall, I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclosure note: In order to keep The Man happy this is where I tell you that I read this book as an e-book galley from the publisher via NetGalley. It was provided in exchange for an honest review. Book is scheduled for release in December 2013. 

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