Monday, March 31, 2014

Comic book issue note: Dr. 2, Issue 1

James Chiang, Dr. 2 (Issue #1). Doc Two Publishing. (link to Amazon, best I can do with this item for now). 

This is a bit different than my usual booknotes as it is reviewing a single comic issue. It was available via NetGalley as an electronic review copy. From the description:

"Shanghai, WWII Internment Camps, and a bizarre New York City murder case intersect in the first issue of DR. 2, a kinetically visceral thriller set in a frightening, yet eerily plausible, future. A physician with a mysterious background, Dr. 2 is the most sought after expert on 'unsolvable' crimes. But nothing can prepare him for the maelstrom of chaos that awaits as he's forced to delve into a world of passion, destruction, and tragedy, all connected to a woman from his own past.

This issue serves as an introduction to DR. 2: A FEAST OF SCENTS, the full graphic novel, that will be releasing at a future date."

This is the first issue, and so far, I did like it and would like to read more. Here we go from World War II internment camps and Shanghai to a futuristic New York City where a forensic physician is called in on a murder, a murder that may be connected to his past. It is a very good noir style story that certainly left me wanting more. The art certainly suits the noir style of the story. It looks like a good start. It's a nice teaser.

Giving this one 4 out of five stars.

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