Friday, July 13, 2018

Signs the economy is bad: July 13, 2018 edition

Welcome to another edition of "Signs the Economy is Bad" here at The Itinerant Librarian. This is the semi-regular (as in when I have time and/or feel like doing it) feature where I scour the Internet in search of the oh so subtle hints that the economy is bad. Sure, pundits may say things are getting better, but what do they know? And to show not all is bad, once in a while we look at how good the uber rich have it.

We made it to another week. It may be Friday the 13th today, but the bad economy is terrifying no matter what day it is.

In "reasons to avoid flying" news:
In higher education news:
  • Since salaries in college are fairly fixed, especially for faculty who may be lucky enough to be on a tenure line, one way to try to increase it is  by bluffing and saying you got a better job offer elsewhere. Idea is your employer then at least matches the offer so you stay. This is one of those little ugly truths in higher ed that people know about, talk maybe in hushed voices, but is not spoken about otherwise. Until someone has their bluff called and gets caught. Story via Inside Higher Ed.  
  • Meanwhile, in First World Problems, some people got their knickers in a bunch of the University of Wyoming's slogan of "the world needs more cowboys." Story via Inside Higher Ed
  • And we get closer to Thunderdome when the only hope for a college graduate to ever pay off college loans is to win a game show. Story via VICE
In assorted corporate fuckery:
And finally for this week, in miscellaneous signs the economy is bad:

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