Monday, February 06, 2006

Idea for a blog? Maybe some people have too much time on their hands?

From the blog 50 Books, an idea to create a toilet blog. The idea is to have a blog written while you have great thoughts while taking a porcelain cruise. The post's author did a search on Google, and found, amazingly enough, that there was no such a thing. I will let her describe the idea:

I had this idea the other day, that it would be cool (according to my rather specialized definition of "cool") to have a blog whose entries would be composed only while the blogger was sitting on the toilet.

The entry topics wouldn't have to be about what toilet-related activities the blogger was engaged in, but would instead just convey the stream of consciousness one experiences in those few (or long) moments one spends blankly staring at the wall opposite. Some entries would be enticingly brief. Others, tragically long.

Hmm, not exactly what I would call a great idea. I mean, if you have to be blogging in the bathroom, via laptop and wireless, you need to unplug. Not to mention what could happen if you have to find a place to put the laptop down while you have to wipe, in a small restroom. . .you get the idea. I would think of all places to take a break from being online, the bathroom would be it. She did find some interesting results, so go over and read the post. By the way, we are not even addressing those fetish blogs (nothing wrong with fetishes), but I will leave that to other Web surfers.

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