Monday, April 17, 2006

Booknote: The Truth (with jokes)

Title: The Truth (with jokes)
Author: Al Franken
Publication Information: New York: Dutton, 2005
ISBN: 0525949062
Genre: Nonfiction
Subgenre: Politics, current events, essay

What I like about reading Franken's books is that they are fairly well researched. I know he has a team of fact checkers, and apparently they do a good job given how well informed the books are. I previously read his Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. I did read it before I was blogging, so no note here. Readers of Franken's books will definitely like this one as well. I did find the tone a bit more serious than the last one, but overall, the book is still a very good read. Unlike other pundits, Franken does not seem to yell at the readers. To contrast (I try when I can to read the other side), I have read one of Michael Savage's books (Savage Nation), and I tried to get through Sean Hannity's book. In the case of Hannity's book, I went for the audiobook version, which he reads. Unless you are fan, you may be better off reading the book. Listening to it is pretty much like listening to him on Fox News Channel. And I am not saying he is the only loud pundit, which is part of the reason I rarely listen to any of them.

Back to the book, among the entertaining pieces are the one about President Bush landing on the aircraft carrier for the famous photo-op declaring that the mission was accomplished. The segment is of Bush and the pilot who had to ferry him in. There are some moving moments as well in the book, and moments that may cause some readers to be angry. I was not too happy looking back at the Schiavo case, a serious meddling of the government on what should be a private affair if there ever was one.

Overall, I do recommend the book. While I think it may serve as reaffirmation for certain readers, I also think it is worth a look at. For anyone not satisfied with the current turn of events, regardless of political affiliation, this may be a good book too, and it will add some humor too. It does make for a pretty accessible look at some current events. And you may learn a thing or two. For me, the learning came with the chapter about a little island in the Pacific that is part of the United States, and yet has a horrible set of working conditions for garment workers. Read the book to find out where.

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