Thursday, June 01, 2006

Found a pretty good commentary on the MySpace hysteria

My few readers will know that I have a very low opinion of people who blame their problems and those of their children on something other than themselves. These are usually the people who neglect their children and then complain because there is too much sex on TV. Apparently the violence is fine with them. My wife and I put in a significant effort to make sure we raise a decent child, and morons who simply neglect their parenting duties just give parents in general a bad name, not to mention make things harder for people like us. The blog MyCrimeSpace picked up this commentary entitled "Don't Blame MySpace." I have to agree it is a pretty good commentary, and it is something that probably more people should read. My favorite lines came towards the end:

"Yeah, that’s the answer.

Congress. The guys who can’t figure out if immigrant laborers should stay, go, or just hang around long enough to pick celery for $1.50 a day.

It used to be the fault of Judas Priest every time a kid put a rope around his neck. When I was a kid it was Metallica and action movies. Now it’s “Grand Theft Auto” and

The one common denominator is the American tradition of blaming the thing the kid happened to be doing at the exact moment he messed up instead of tracing the path of the mess-up back to its root: The two irresponsible idiots who wanted a child but instead created the poorly raised result of a poorly planned pregnancy.

Instead of regulating Web sites, someone should tell them what they forgot to tell their kids: The world is not here to clean up your mess."

Like the blogger over at MyCrimeSpace, I could not agree more. I say we start placing the blame for a lot of messed up kids and their problems exactly where it belongs: the two dumbasses who probably should not have been breeding in the first place. Actually, for idiots like that, one has to wonder how they managed to even reproduce in the first place. You know the ones I mean. They are the ones who somehow think that children will raise themselves or think that society or the media will do the raising for them. Folks, raising children takes work. It takes the time to watch over them, monitor what they do, what TV shows they watch, and where they go when they are online. It takes some effort, which apparently a lot of parent wannabes are not willing to do. Anyhow, my two cents.

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