Friday, June 02, 2006

Hmm, never looked at soccer quite that way, but seems fun

Apparently, the Germans are trying to cash in on the World Cup, according to this story from Spiegel Online for May 16, 2006. Beate Uhse, one of their most prominent sex shops, has come out with a line of products tied in to the World Cup. The first link is to a Wikipedia article on the store, which is listed in the Frankfort Stock Exchange; the second link is to the official company site, and it is in German, but it does have an English language link for those of us who can't read German. If you look further, you can find the link to the retail store and look over the products as well (or, you can just go here. This link does not seem to have an English version. And, the warning I hate to give, if you find some of this offensive, just skip it). The company's founder has quite an interesting life story. Readers can get a quick overview here. From the Spiegel article:

"Other products include tight-fitting soccer jerseys for women, an 'Erotic Energy Drink' and string tangas in the colors of Germany, Italy or Brazil which, according to the company, 'guarantees an erotic home game that is a lot more exciting than any football tournament.'"

Hmm, more erotic home game? Definitely worth looking into, hehe. Find the official website for the 2006 World Cup here.

A hat tip to AdFreak blog, which picks up the story here.

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